AirCharge Challenges Traditional Mobile Charging

Imagine a world where you don’t have to panic over a 5% battery notification on your phone in the middle of a work email, an impulse buy on Amazon or an instagram post while walking through a busy city without your charger. AirCharge has revolutionised an alternative solution to a dead battery.


What is AirCharge and how does it work?

If you are not as technologically inclined as us, then you are probably unaware of how popular the concept of wireless charging has been in the ICT world.

Aircharge, a division of Ergo, the leading IT solutions to Education and the Public and supplier, offers the latest in wireless charging solutions for multiple public venues, the office, home, and has even to been integrated into luxury vehicles like BMW and Mercedes and furniture brands such as IKEA with the use of integrated Qi technology. The technology is fuelled by a magnetic field that transfers power to a mobile device which has been integrated in mobiles such as Google Nexus, HTC, Samsung and Nokia. No Qi? No problem. AirCharge has incorporated a cable charging option for iPhones and other popular models and has even developed a phone case embedded with Qi charging technology. In 2013, McDonald’s piloted this technology into a number of UK restaurants and were overwhelmed with their results when people were willing to queue up for an average of 30 minutes at a time to get onto the charge mats. This year, the fast food giant will be installing 600 hotspots in selected stores throughout the UK following their successful trial. Air-Charge has been deemed one of the most progressive designers of technology-driven interiors products in the UK and for good reason. The folks at AirCharge envision a global standard for wireless charging that could inhibit compatibility with all phones and battery operated products.

In order to paint a better picture of what this service can do for your business, why don’t we step away from the lengthy technical jargon and check out the video added above!

Most importantly business owners, we must remind you that you wouldn’t be simply buying a catchy product, you would be creating a new user experience for your customers and visitors that can only be done with the expertise of the professionals at MiVenue. For your consultation please email us at

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