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Mobile WI-FI Tourist Industry.  The days are long past when a fast office Wi-Fi connection was a nice-to-have.  One in ten visitors will leave a venue because there is no or poor Mobile Wi-Fi.  Visitors want to  gain access throughout their travel experience.  Two thirds of the population  use search engines to research travel on line and on the move.  it can be a very important factor in attracting or retaining new visitors.

Mobile Wi-Fi Tourist Industry – will help you generate a Wi-Fi ROI through targeted social media campaigns.  Use your Wi-Fi to see where your visitors are spending most of their time.

In today’s world it’s essential for your business to provide business travellers and tourists alike with a fast, reliable wireless network.

Site surveying and maintenance are crucial for wireless networks, and especially so for networks with heavy traffic or Wi-Fi hotspots at public venues. When speed is vital for streaming video or voice over Wi-Fi.

Negative affecting WIFI performance issues are:

  • Interference
  • Congestion
  • Improper Security Settings
  • Inadequate maintenance

As a result of these consequences, MiVenue will design a Mobile Wi-Fi solution keeping you securely connected.

Wireless airtime is important because usually only one device can transmit at a time on a given channel. The wireless devices and APs have to share the airwaves and take turns talking. The slower the transmission speed, the more airtime a device takes up and the less time available for other devices.

If your venue has areas that are lacking Wi-Fi coverage altogether, adding or moving existing wireless APs around is likely the best place to start. However, if there aren’t major holes in coverage and the chief concern is slow speeds then contact me to arrange a free health check today –

MiVenue Mobile Wi-Fi Tourist Industry solutions to help you to provide a better connected space.