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Welcome to MiVenue – Tourism, Culture & Heritage made easy –  Learning how to engage your visitors with leading mobile Apps, MiVue-Cloud system, Mobile Wi-Fi, Wireless mobile charging pods.

Telling your story your way using digital Apps and our expertise – Let Mivenue handle the hard stuff, helping you every step of the way.  Helping you to create and be creative, share your content. engage your visitors.

  • Digital mobile tour apps
  • Create App Store accounts
  • Wi-Fi networks
  • Wi-Fi security
  • MiVue-Cloud,  sharing content locally
  • Marketing & Data Analytics
  • Project management & consultancy

Our team have over 25 years industry experience, technical  & marketing, visitor engagement, and a passion for making it happen.

We have  a range of media technologies and Wi-Fi solutions that deliver information, media content and marketing analytics to users.

With a combination of technical and marketing expertise we ensure our customers receive a solution or service, tailored to their exact requirements.

Our solutions ensure that users see and interact with only the data you require them to see,  providing a MiVue-Cloud  for them to enjoy.
We can take mobile wireless connections where others can’t and make sure people see what you want them to,  and how you want them to see it.  We know how to keep your network secure, compliant through data analytics and reporting.

Wireless mobile charging, to simply make life easy.

Running low on battery again? Fed up of trying to keep your mobile device alive throughout the day, especially at a venue, event or conference?

MiVenue provides the latest wireless charging solutions for public venues, to power up your mobile device through your daily routine.

The Aircharge rechargeable battery pack combined with an Aircharge surface charger can create a complete, ready to use wireless charging solution almost anywhere, making it ideal for venues where furniture is not fixed or is moved regularly, including public venues, exhibition spaces, conferences and festivals

Keep your battery charged when you’re out and about with the Aircharge locator app.

You’ll get access to the most extensive network of Qi wireless charging locations, consisting of more than 4,000 public venues worldwide, increasing daily.